Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary for 2 month...

Its been 2 months since i entered
And my love for you is always centered
Straight in my heart right where it belongs
Our relationship is right and holds no wrongs
Its been i while since "i like" became "i love"
My like used to be grounded, now my love soars above
Because i love you so much and i want it to show
I'll love and care for you forever, u need to know
Even though u may think it isnt true
Forever my love will stay with u
You are maybe not my first love, but i hope u will be my last
Then we can live together, and reminisce the past
Our time together has been so much fun
Your are the most important in my life,
But i wrote this so u know i love you
And i hope our months turn into years
Because you make me so happy and destroy my fears
Heh, its been 2 months and i dont want it to end
Any time we could have split we had the ability to mend
thats the thing about us together we are one
but seperate we are nothing, no, no fun.
Well i love you forever and ever, i will always stay true.


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