Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary 4th month Sayang

I wish you were here with me

in my heart i can see
how much you mean to me
you set my heart so free
and i wish you could turn around
and be with me right here, right now
I wanna feel your soft touch 
and tell you I love You this much 

I wish you could feel the way my heart beat
when I hear your voice it sweeps me off my heart
please don't leave, don't ever go
how much I love You, you'll never know
and I wish you were here
so I can hold you near
so I can feel your touch 

I wish I could hold your hand
to let you know that I understand
that you can't always be here
and that I can't always hold you near
but I guess for now this is enough 
even though at times it gets so tough
I know one day we will see
that this love is meant to be..

~Happy Anniversary Sayang~

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